Saturday, October 8, 2011


Sarah Hoyt, guru of genre-writing and future Garibaldi of the indie author movement is writing a novel online, Witchfinder and is posting the chapters for all to read.

Chapter One, is here, where we meet the charming rogue, Seraphim, who is both Duke AND magician.
(Imagine if Jane Austen wrote fantasy and that will hammer down the genre for you.)

Chapter Two is here, where we find out the meaning behind the title "Witchfinder."

She's putting these up pretty "rough" so that we can get a look at her process.

"Rough" of course is relative term.  One author's "rough" is another author's "polished granite surface so reflective you can see the spinach in your teeth."

For comparison, let me give you one of my "rough" chapters.

Write something good here.

And there we are!  Make sure you check out her webpage too.  Lots of great writing advice.

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