Friday, October 7, 2011

Character Play Lists.

Music is a big part of my inspiration.  Whenever I can't think of what to write, all I have to do is pop in some music and immediately the writing starts flowing.  I never know what song is going to be the "power song" for the day, the song that will get me through.  Some days it will be Vivaldi and the next day it will be ABBA (more ABBA than Vivaldi I'm not ashamed to say.)

There was one song more than any other that inspired the whole book.  (I've already blogged about it here.  The song inspired the book so much I had to write it INTO the book.  Let's just say that if the book does well and I sell the movie rights, that song MUST play over the end credits, but now I'm counting my chicks so far before they've hatched that they've evolved into higher beings that have mastered spaceflight.  All hail our Poultrian masters!!  Moving on.)

After a while I realized that my music selections were beginning to exhibit unique "flavors" depending on which character I was writing about.  Over time these developed into "character playlists," songs that I listened to just to get inside one particular character's head a little better.  (Of course, these characters only exist inside my head, so I'm getting even deeper into my own head, but let's not over think it.)  Eventually I had a unique "character playlist" for each major character.  These "character playlists" were so fun, I thought it would be fun to share it with my readers.

Today's character playlist selection comes from Miles Killam.  Miles is an Irish teenage vampire that got turned into a vampire, almost by accident, more than a century ago.  The thing you need to know about Miles is this: If there's a stereotype to teenage vampires, he's the exact opposite, short, not too much to look at, not smooth or sexy at all and lousy at being a vampire.  Being Miles is a bit of a drag, frankly he hates his life. But by the end of the book, both he and the reader get a glimpse of his future potential.

Check it out, give it a listen.  One of my favorite bands, Flogging Molly, gives you a small taste of what it's like to be Miles Killam, teenage loser vampire.


  1. You do not even know how maniacally I laughed in excitement when I opened this today~! (good thing my roomies weren't here)

    I have to agree about music, and I'm personally really excited that you're sharing this awesome glimpse into yoursel- er, your characters with us all. :3
    Can't wait for more!

  2. You're very welcome!! And hey! Now I'm following your blog! So cool.