Friday, October 21, 2011

Free Kindle Readers

Now that Limbo's Child is available on Kindle, I thought it was a good time to point out that you don't actually need a Kindle to read the book.

Kindle formatted books can be read with Kindle Readers, which are available FREE, for your PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and practically every other device short of your kitchen toaster! (And I'm told the toaster app is in beta.)

Check out the multiple varieties of Kindle Readers HERE

And remember it's free, and once you download your reader, remember, Limbo's Child on Kindle is only 99 cents, and you really can't find cheaper quality entertainment for under a dollar this side of a Tajikistan goat show.

So check it out and download Limbo's Child today.


  1. YES~! <3

    *jumps on it*

    Good thing midterms are over... >3

  2. Also...Kindle books can be shared. So give it to a friend for a week or two, then tell them to buy it for themselves. I mean...99 cents! How can you possibly go wrong?