Friday, October 14, 2011

Hungry like the Douche.

If you've been reading the chapter excerpts so far, you've already been introduced to the main characters, Nephys & Lucy. (For those interested, the prologue and chapters one, two and three are available at the links.  There is also a secret prologue, that contains spoilers and a NEW prologue that replaces the old one.  Don't ask, it's complicated, I know I have a problem, just follow the links, all will be explained.)

Every good story though has at least one breakout character, a minor character that really connects with the audience.  I have two.

The first is Hiero, a near-homicidal imp from the lower hells that wields a butcher knife and has a body made up from an old set of bagpipes.  You meet him in chapter one.

The second is Schuyler Johnson. 

I won't say more about Schuyler here, except to say that he is a vampire and that I will be writing a long post about him entitled "Building the Perfect Douchebag."

Until then, here is a selection from Schuyler's "Character Playlist."

For now, just think back to those halcyon days of the eighties, when a man could walk shirtless in a blazer through the slums of India without a trace of irony, and that will give you a taste of the marvel that is Schuyler Johnson.

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