Thursday, October 20, 2011

Edge of Glory

Victory. (FINALLY!)

After nearly eight straight hours of hard-coding in HTML - you'd never guess one of my first jobs was making webpages back in '96 - I have finally managed to torture this thing into a form that will be legible on the Kindle.

Go tell it on the mountain.

In 24 hours, it should be available.

This calls for a power song.

(Side note: At some point I stopped being embarrassed by how much I like Katy Perry.

I'm still not there with Lady Gaga, but if she keeps doing songs like this, I will be.)

Update:  Just realized some might object to Lady Gaga's outfit, so I'm replacing the official video with the lyrics video. I try to keep this a family friendly blog.  I know no one will believe this but  I never look at these videos anyway, I just use YouTube as my infinite playlist.  In fact, whenever I hear this I just imagine it's Pat Benatar anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Hoorah!! *throws a party*

    Awesome job pulling that together so quickly!!
    Now just to wait on Amazon~

    Though, in the meantime...
    *continues party*