Friday, September 23, 2011


Travis is working on some amazing title graphics for our new video spots, and all I can say is...whoah.

Wait 'til you see it tomorrow.  You'll feel the same.

Update:  Ok, jumped the gun too soon.  (Trav hates it when I do that.) Apparently Trav has this thing called a...what did he call it?  Oh yeah, a "full-time job."  (Braggart.)

So the new snazzy titles will be done at some unspecified time in the future known as "WHEN I (expletive deleted) WELL FEEL LIKE IT!"  Which is apparently standard practice for employees who are paid nothing. 


It's so hard to get good employees-who-are-really-friends-who-owe-you-a-favor-and-will-do-these-things-for-free-out-of-a-sense-of-obligation these days.

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