Thursday, September 8, 2011

Special deal for my early adopters.

First, I want to say a very personal thank you to my three followers.  (Technically I'm the fourth, but that's because Travis runs the site and I wouldn't know what's going on here if I didn't follow my own blog.  I expect that at any time he could turn it into a manga fan site.  Gotta watch that boy.)


No new innovation can make ground without early fans.  I won't bore you with my Econ 101 level knowledge here, but basically, if new widgets don't have a strong group of initial followers, then those new products never get to the larger market.

If there weren't a dedicated core of videophiles willing to pay 10,000 smackeroos for plasma screens back in the early 90s, they wouldn't be selling at Walmart for 800 today.  In economic talk we have a special term for these people.


Of course that's only in the secret econ books bound in human skin.  In the textbooks we give to freshmen we call them "Early Adopters."

Fortunately for you the cost of being an early adopter is cheap, just $1.99, but I don't want to abuse my"Early Adopters" too much, and I hope to make the experience even more worthwhile for them.

"Dance with them that brought ya" my Mom always said.  Wise girl that woman.  (She also said keep the Colt 45's in the fridge and the Colt 44 in the nightstand.  I got those confused once and had to defend myself against an intruder with nothing but a bottle of cheap malt liquor.  It was surprisingly effective, but that's another story.) 

Where was I?  Oh!
So I want to give my followers the best possible intro to the book as I can. 

I'll be posting snippets and sections of the book soon as well as character descriptions .  Travis will be posting more videos and illustrations.  I'll be starting a video blog myself, and we will offer merchandise tie ins and special offers.  How special? 

How does "FREE" hit ya? 

That's right.  I'm going to let my dedicated followers have a crack at the book for free.

How?  Well if this were a dead tree book, the only way I could do it is to sneak into the bookstores in my ninja costume and replace the price tags with ones reading $0.00. ( Either that or just replace the dust jackets with Tori Spelling's new book.  I hear those are going for virtually nothing in large bins labeled "doorstops.")

Now I want you three to know that for you, I'd do it, but through the miracle of e-publishing I can lower the price for a set time and then let you know when that will be without having to dye my pajamas black.

Anyone who is a close follower of the blog can then buy it for the special reduced introductory price of zippo, bupkiss, nada, niente, goose egg, zilch,  but only for a limited time.  After that the price will be raised to the regular price of your eternal soul...wait...that's "Atlas Shrugged." 

My book will normally retail for a measly $1.99, so it's not like I'm saving you THAT much.  Still you could have the book AND a cheap coffee if you take advantage of my limited time offer.  Without that coffee you might fall asleep on your morning commute and swerve into an elementary school crosswalk.  So you see, I'm really doing it...for the children.

So watch the blog and we will let you know when you can pick up your e-book copy of Limbo's Child for pocket lint.  In fact, save the pocket lint and knit yourself a sweater with it instead while you read the book.

I only ask that once you read it, you share it with all your friends and tell them what a great book it is.

Thanks again, and sincerely, without the snark...Thank you for following.


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