Monday, September 5, 2011

The Self Publisher's Manifesto

Another great post by the inestimable Sarah Hoyt.

Read the whole thing as they say, but here's the money graf:

There is technology that allows us to tell the publishers, “Scr*w you guys, I’m going Indie.” Yeah, it’s in its infancy, it won’t support most of us, yet, but it’s already having an impact. And that means that for the first time we have some power on our side as well.
Every writer who can should at least have one or two Indie books, just to strengthen that transition, and to dip his/her toe in the pool and see what it’s like. Every writer should inform himself of this transition.

And we can help each other.  Some of us are better at book design than others, others at plotting.  We can pool what we have and get by the rest of the way on grit.

Let's make it happen.

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