Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home Stretch

We are nearing the publication date.  As always there are going to be last-minute minor tweaks and adjustments.

For example, all of my readers think that the Amazon Mud Wrestling Championship scene and the chapter of nothing but gratuitous explosions were a bit much and a complete departure form the rest of the book, particularly as none of the characters of the book participate in those events.

Hmm.  Those were always my favorite chapters.  Oh well.  Maybe I can shoehorn them into a sequel.

One doesn't like to second-guess yourself too much and at a certain point you have to cut off the process, and we are nearly there.

We now have a firm publication date, October 15th.

From here on out we are going to be plugging the book full time.

Travis has been working his heart out on the illustrations and a bunch of other multimedia projects to promote the book.

The first ten chapters will be released on the website around the first of the month, in preparation for its e-publication on Oct. 15th.

Please hang with us and tell all your friends.

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