Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Ultimate Spoiler

So it's been a long time since I've posted anything.  (The day job takes a great deal of my time in early December.  Yes...I'm one of Santa's elves.  Long story and I'm sure you don't care to hear about my boring life, back to the book.)  So I thought I would post something BIG to tide you over until the season is over and I can get back to regular blogging.

This is the very last scene.  Not of Limbo's Child, not of Silver Chains the sequel, but the very, very, VERY last scene of the entire five book Dead Things series.  It is, the ULTIMATE spoiler.  The video posted below is related, but if you don't want to know how it all ends, then look away, because here goes.  Highlight the text below to read.


Here's how it ends.  Two people, a young man, and a beautiful young woman, are driving at phenomenal speed across the Bonneville Salt Flats in an American made 1974 sedan in mint condition.  There is only one difference between this car and a car that rolled off the factory floor in 1974: the speedometer goes up to infinity.  The eight track is playing the following song when choirs of angels come out to join in and then the car sprouts giant wings and flies off into the sunrise.


(And yes folks...I'm dead serious. That's how the whole series ends. No foolin')

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