Friday, February 3, 2012

The Weeping Woman

Some people have asked me if any of my characters are based on existing myths and legends...

So Ok, no one has asked me but the answer is yes anyways.  Amarantha/Amanda is based on the legend of La Llorona.  Mexican folklore tells of a woman who drowned her own children, so in punishment she is doomed to wander the earth looking for them.  She is described as a tall spectral figure with long black hair.  Sounds familiar?

I plan on weaving more of the La Llorona legend into the third book when our protagonists actually travel to Mexico and Aztec mythology will be a significant part of the second book, which I'm writing now.

Can't wait to get there.


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  1. The story has intrigued me before, though I can't say I've ever delved very deep into it... Maybe it's because I've heard it most of my life and those tend to be the most overlooked stories. Either way, I also look forward to seeing how much the book gets into it! Myths are always so fun~