Friday, January 20, 2012

Musical Inspiration for the Next Book

I'm writing the next book now.  It's tentatively called Silver Chains / Silver Guitar, haven't quite decided yet.

It revolves around a mystical object that is a Silver Guitar, but the silver chains are also important.  Both are objects that have the power to control vampires, and more.

It's a great story, because, well frankly, it's a love story, on the level of Verdi's more tragic operas.  It's about the love between two vampires and how their love gets twisted and nearly unravels the whole world.  There is a lot of early blues and country music involved too.

One of the main characters is one I'm calling Rattlesnake Annie for the moment, but that might change too.

Someday people will ask me my inspiration for her, or at least I hope so, so here it is.  The wonderful Sheila Marshall.

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