Monday, November 7, 2011

Like the Book? Tell a Friend!

First of all, let me say "Thank You" to all of my fans.

That wasn't big enough. 

Let me try again. 


Still not big enough.  One more time.


Now imagine that you are seeing that "Thank You" from space written on the North American Continent and that it spreads from Eugene, Oregon to Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Here's a map to help you visualize.

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Got it?  That's how much I want to say "Thank You" to my fans.  I really mean it.  You guys are great.

Ten people have bought the book online and thirty more downloaded when it was available for free.  Many more have read the snippets on this blog and elsewhere.  All of the response has been overwhelming positively.  I expect about one hundred people now have been exposed to the book and have read part of it, and most seem to like it.  About a dozen have actually read it cover to cover and they all seem to really love it.

I have really appreciated all the positive comments, and even more so, the helpful criticisms.  I really could not have come this far without my fans.

"Fans!"  the word still blows my mind.  There may not be many of you, but the fact that I have ANY fans is just incredible, and frankly, you're the most important part of this popsicle stand operation right now.

Let's face it, this book is still in "beta."

We (Travis and I) have great plans for this book.  I have an outline for a five-book epic series and Travis wants to see the book not just online, but in print in an actual bookstore, a special edition complete with glossy cover and full page illustrations.  I want to see that too.  Small problem.  This is not our day job.  We have bills to pay.  Travis believes so much in the book he has been willing to do the cover, the formatting and this webpage all on donated labor, but there's only so far we can go on the faith of our friends.  But there is no limit to how far we can go on the faith of our fans

Think about all the books you've read, all the books you've loved.  How many of them did you find out about from an ad in a magazine, or a TV ad?  Not many I bet.   You don't even get that kind of marketing push in traditional publishing until the book has already sold a hundred thousand copies.  Chances are you learned about your favorite books not from some ad, but from someone you knew and trusted who read it first.

Marketing, advertising, cover design, compelling life story, stunning good looks, world's largest collection of slime molds, none of the usual gimmicks will help you as an author if people don't like the book.  Books don't really sell on marketing. They really get sold by word of mouth.  Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling wouldn't be anywhere if a small group dedicated fans hadn't recommended it to everyone else.

So please, if you like the book, get out there and tell your friends.  If you bought the book online on Amazon and have finished it PLEASE write an honest and heartfelt review.  If you have finished the downloaded version, share it with a friend and tell them about this website.

If you have a blog or a website, consider putting up the link to the blog here or to the book on Amazon.  If you are part of a book club online, or even better, in person, make a push to get the book on your group's reading list. 

Think about the friends you know who like reading and especially those that like fantasy.  Recommend the book to at least ten different friends.  Out of those ten, only two or three may actually read it, but if we assume that everyone takes a month to read the book and then they send it on to two or three friends, that's more than enough to double the fanbase every two months.  With that kind of arithmetic, the book will definitely be a success, and that means that I can afford keep writing and bringing you more fun stuff to read.

If enough of you do this, some day, not too long in the future, we will reach a tipping point and the whole thing will turn into a real phenomenon like Twilight or Harry Potter.

Is that possible?

I didn't used to think so, but I have discovered that you, my fans have even more faith in the book than I do!  So yes, it's possible and you can make it happen.

Thanks again for all you have done so far, and for making the book a hit in the future.  I know you can make it happen.


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  1. This post made me smile so barking much!!
    It's awesome that so many people have already been looking into Limbo's Child, and it's not even been a proper month since the release!

    I have to agree - if we as fans continue sharing at all opportunities, this is bound to go somewhere great(er)!!