Monday, May 9, 2011


Who is Jonah Hewitt? 

Generally Jonah Hewitt is an, as of yet, unpublished fantasy and sci-fi author. 

More specifically, Jonah Hewitt is me.

In the coming weeks I will be using this site to publicize my first novel "Dead Things" a daring tale about a living girl, a dead boy, a couple of incompetent vampires and a demonic set of really.

That's what it's about.  Truly.

Just wait, you'll love it.  There's also skinless dogs, pickled mutant baby fetuses come to life and hordes of zombies, ghosts and vampires.

Eventually sample chapters and character sketches will appear here for your delectation and delight, if that's not too ambitious.

In the meantime.  Hang tight.  The novel will start to roll out around August, until then this will just be a placeholder for more undead awesomeness.

And thanks for coming by!!


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